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Welcome to RXM Custom

At RXM Custom we specialise in getting you connected to your bike in the most comfortable, powerful and efficient way. Your saddle, your overall fit and your foot/shoe/pedal interface have a huge influence on your cycling experience and enjoyment.

Your shoes are one of the most important pieces of your cycling equipment and possibly one that you have given little time and consideration in their choice. Besides pain and discomfort, power loss can be a big issue from ill-fitting shoes.

Here at RXM CUSTOM we are experts in matching feet to shoes. All feet are different, most shoes are different, don’t guess they are right, let us help you know they are right.

Possibly the largest range of sizes, shapes and fits available in the UK, to suit most budgets available from stock.
We specialise in Custom moulding and Custom Colours, get the matching look for team colours or your favourite bike.
We also offer Custom Moulded Footbeds to give you that perfect fit for comfort and power transfer.

Saddles are possibly the most obvious points of contact that influences your comfort. We have a range of saddles from the most advanced manufactures for saddle technology. Visit to try in the studio before you purchase or take the opportunity to demo a saddle on your own bike on your own usual rides.

Your bike set up is incredibly important and only small differences can make or break a rider. Being fitted to you bike, to ride the way you wish to ride is the only option. You tell us how and where you ride and what is most important to you, be it comfort, endurance, aero, discomfort correction and we will fit you to your bike.

Make an appointment and visit us in or Nottingham Fitting Studio to get that precision fitted shoe, saddle or bike.