Before You have a Bike Fit

The best Bike Fitters will spend at least the first third of your bike fit assessing your Feet, Shoes, Cleat position and pedals. In this assessment they may find you have the incorrect size or shape shoes. If they are a good fitter, they will advise you change the shoes before you complete the fit.

So, let’s hope you have a good fitter, but will they have the shoes you need available from stock. If not, you may have to abandon the fit and reschedule after having to hunt around for the correct shoes.

Worst still, your fitter does not take the time to asses your shoes and carries on with the fit regardless, possibly rendering it worthless or even dangerous.

Visit RXM CUSTOM first. Let us give you a full and proper foot measurement and if you have incorrect shoes we can help you with the right ones. When you go for your Bike Fit you will know from the start your fitter is going to find all the right measurements for your fit.