Crono may be little known in the UK but these great fitting and stylish Cycling shoes are owned and manufactured by the Sebena Shoe Factory

Since 1973, the Sabena Shoe Factory has been evolving continuously since Giancarlo Stocco and his wife founded the company, specialising as subcontractors in the production of sports shoes. In particular, they began to make cycling, soccer and motorcycle shoes, increasingly technical and technological, able to satisfy the needs of champions of the calibre of Timo Bracht. A family-run company, which tells the story of the real Venetian “Made in Italy”, a reality able to renew itself and aim high, thanks to the quality of its products. There are many names of very famous companies served by Sabena in recent years, including: Sidi, Fizik, Time. Designers, engineers, modellers, suppliers of traditional and cutting-edge raw materials are just some of the partners with whom Sabena confronts every day to create the best product and always be competitive on the market.

In 2011 Stefano Stocco returned to the company and joined his brother Diego, his uncle Francesco Stocco and his father in the birth of the Crono brand. A line of technical footwear for competitive athletes and amateur cyclists at high levels. Today, Crono has a lot of success in Italy and abroad with a strong brand that has managed to carve out its space in a crowded market and not always up to the demands of its audience. The clean style, the precise search for the right detail, the maximum balance between performance and comfort of the product are Crono’s best business card.