Wide Fitting Shoes

So you have wide feet, or possibly relatively normal width feet but trying to put them in narrow shoes.
All shoes are made on a Last, the mould that forms the shape of the shoe. Some shoe brands have their own design and shape of Last but these will differ from one brand to the next. Also some brands just use what ever Last the factory they currently use have available.

In other words, the width of all Bike shoes can vary immensely, there is no specific size for a standard width.
So you may not need an ‘official’ wide fit shoe, you may just need one wider than the one you are currently trying.
If you get shoes too wide for you then you are in danger of having t over tighten them to stop them from moving.

This overtightening can lead to pain and numbness and can distort the body of the shoe. Let us measure your feet and advise.